Silver Leafing

Silver Leafing or Silver Gilding means the process of covering the surface of an object with a thin layer of Silver Leaf. It enhances the visual effect and the characteristics of any surface. Silver leaves are of two types:

Edible Silver Varakh, Edible Silver Vark, Edible Silver Foil
Edible Silver Leaf

Pure Silver Leaf :

Pure Silver Leaf consists of Pure Silver, which makes it edible. Edible Silver Leaf or Edible Silver foil is widely used in Medicines, decorating Sweets, Ice-cream, Cakes, Pan, etc. Other major areas include Leafing and decorating Interiors as well as exteriors. It is also called Silver Vark or Silver Varakh.

Imitation Silver Leaf:

Also known as Synthetic Silver Leaf, Imitation Silver Leaf consists of 100% Aluminium.  100 % Aluminium Leaf is non-tarnishing.  It is non-edible too.  For Gilding and decorating, Imitation Silver Leaves are widely used.

Uses of Silver Leafing

Silver Gilding is as trendy today as it has ever been. Moreover, it always adds a touch of style and glamour to the surface. Thanks to ancient handicraft skills, objects become elegant and distinct, with the precious finishing of very thin layers of silver leaf. To suit the modern interiors, traditional interiors, and the ever-changing trends in designs, Silver Gilding can be easily adjusted. Silver Leafing looks great on all types of surfaces. For example, plain surface, carved or embossed surface. With different ways and means of applications, it can create an amazing variety of finishes.

Metals like Gold and Copper looks stunning when combined with Silver. It gives a well-blended look that ties the space together. The fusion of gold and silver could be an eye-catching piece of your living room. Having a primary metal ensures your space a sense of unity, while accent metals will guide the eyes throughout the room.

Famous Interior designers enjoy playing with gilding in their projects. They encourage the craft of gilding in their creations, not only on Wall, Ceiling, Doors, Furniture, Artefacts, but also on most unusual objects like shells, driftwood, and stones to decorate and fit in with a minimalist style. Silver leafing done on modern furniture gives a unique effect. When mixed with modern upholstery and materials, Gilded furniture gives fabulous results.

The craft of gilding has unlocked a whole new domain of ideas for interior designers, whether they choose a traditional, modern or innovative effect.

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