Re-Inventing Religious Places


     Religious places symbolize peace serenity and calm. It is a special place whose ambiance and environment make person grows closer to god. Religious architecture demonstrate, the religious beliefs, aesthetic choices, and economic and technological capacity of those who create or adapt it, and thus places of worship exhibit great variety of craft depending on time and place.


     We at Gold Silver Leafing Art take immense pride in associating and undertaking work of almost all religious places through our roots and rich heritage background. We understand the sentiments, emotions, love and respect one has with their religious places. Keeping that in mind, our artist ensure that this heritage art makes its presence felt and play its role in the existing ambiance and making the monument more magnificent and awe-inspiring.


     Be it the Idol, or the area where the Idol are placed, or the dome, or pillar we take care of intricate details and with our fine art ensure that view is not only aesthetics, but also exquisite. Religious places, of people from all communities has overwhelmingly loved and appreciated the traditional art of Leafing.