Saffron – Iran


  • Quantity : 5 grams.
  • Origin: Iran Saffron (Kesar)
  • Pure Veg
  • Food grade
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Saffron also known as Kesar in Hindi, Kumkuma pubba in Telugu, Kungumapoo in Tamil, Zafran in Bengali is an extremely valuable spice, especially for its distinct flavor, health, and medicinal properties. Indians, Persians, Europeans, and Arabians extensively use Kesar in their Cuisine. It is a multipurpose spice that adds a new aspect to both spicy and sweet dishes. It imparts a distinct flavor and aroma and also makes the dish appear more presentable. Indian Sweets, Cakes, Ice-cream and Syrup (Sharbat) often include saffron. Kesar, when combined with milk, can improve digestion and appetite. It can also boost immunity and keeps the skin healthy.


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