Gold Leafing / Gold Gilding

Gold Leafing is one of the most prominent ancient art. Indeed this decorative art was discovered when a tiny piece of Gold was beaten down into a delicately fine sheet of gold. These fine sheets of gold were then overlaid onto an object, an art which is now known as Gold-Leafing or Gold Gilding.  Gold-Leafing covers and decorates the surface of the objects with a thin layer of gold. It adds shimmer and grace to the applied object. In short, any clean surface is eligible for Gold Gilding. For example, Walls, Ceilings, POP, Wood, Stone, Leather, Metal, Plastic, and Glass looks great with Leafing. It adds an elegant and decorative touch to surfaces. It is also beneficial in enhancing the beauty of antiques. Gold Leaves is available in mostly two types.

1)  24 Ct Pure Gold Leafing:

Genuine 24k Gold Leaf or Gold Sheet consists of pure Gold. 24 Carat Gold Leaf does not tarnish. The oldest material used for decorating Palaces as well as Religious places is Gold. For example, Domes, Mandir Kalash, Angi, Mukut, Dhwajadand, and Golden Temple, etc.

2)  Synthetic Gold Leafing:

Synthetic or Imitation Gold Leaf consists of Copper and Zinc alloys. Composite Gold Leaf, Synthetic Gold Leaf, Dutch Gold Leaf are some names of Imitation Gold Leaf. Imitation Gold Leaves is very cost-effective. It is an affordable alternative to 24 Carat Pure Gold Leaf and therefore a much-used material. Synthetic Gold Gilding looks almost as shinier and stunning as 24 K Gold Gilding.

Gold Gilding has now entered the residential, hospitality and corporate segment. It adds a glittering touch of traditional magnificence to new-age interiors. The popularity of Gold Gilding started with five-star hotels. From there, it progressed to Restaurants, Multiplexes, Corporate Houses, Malls, Conventional Halls and even Residences.

Gold Leafing enhances the beauty of the interiors. This ancient art has definitely seen a revival. Moreover, it creates rich and sophisticated interiors, as opposed to flashy and extravagant. In addition, the highlight is its durability – Gold Gilding doesn’t lose its sheen and ageless beauty over the years.

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